Do the course – Help the Elephants

20, Jan 2024

Why I am charging $1 for my Free Course

For just a dollar, you’ll unlock practical budgeting tools, moon rituals for prosperity, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to a future where elephants thrive.

Imagine gentle giants trumpeting in gratitude, their trunks swaying in the lush Thai jungle. That’s the sound of hope, the music of a future where these magnificent creatures are safe and cherished. Elephant Nature Park (ENP)  is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation centre in Northern Thailand, founded by renowned elephant rights advocate Saengduean Chailert (known by her nickname, Lek). It is the first elephant sanctuary of its kind established in Asia and currently providing a caring home to over 100 elephants.  Many of the elephants living in the sanctuary of the Elephant Nature Park have been rescued by Save Elephant Foundation from street begging, elephant riding and circus shows where they often sustain both physical and psychological injuries.  The park’s herds are blind, elderly, crippled, or orphaned. These beautiful giants are now free to live peaceful lives in natural surroundings, where they’re loved and respected.

Remember, even a small action can create a ripple effect of positive change.

If you would like to donate more please head over to their website and donate directly.